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Publications Available from HSLB
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HSLB Publications
New—Olivia Herrera: Making A Difference Long Beach 4.00 5.00
Mary Dell Butler: Making A Difference Long Beach 4.00 5.00
   Curriculum 5.00 5.00
  Book & Curriculum 8.00 8.00
The Pike on the Silverstrand  15.00 17.00
Long Beach From My Kitchen Window 20.00 20.00
Earthquake ‘33 11.00 12.00
Shades of the Past 11.00 12.00
Step Back in Time 11.00 12.00
Strange Sea Tales 11.00 12.00
Other Long Beach Area Books
Long Beach Architecture: The Unexpected Metropolis 30.00 38.00
Balboa Films 40.00 45.00
Long Beach Art Deco 20.00 20.00
Long Beach in Vintage Postcards 20.00 20.00
Cyclone Racer 15.00 15.00
Two Ocean Battleship 14.00 14.00
USS Los Angeles:Cold War Sentinel 11.00 11.00
Battleship Country 9.00 9.00
Adobe Days 8.00 8.00
Other Items (no discount available)
Historical Building Note Cards (with envelope) 1.00 1.00
1925 Map of downtown (poster size, 18”x24”) 1.00 1.00
Working Guide to Historic Long Beach 1.001.00

Historical Photographs  
A wide variety of photographic reproductions are available. Prices are for  residential display or reference use only, licensing fees may apply.  5x7 inch prints $25.00, 8x10 inch prints for $30.00, for additional pricing please call 562.424.2220. 

Visit our eBay store at http://stores.ebay.com/HistoricalSocietyLB.

Shipping and Handling

All orders must be prepaid. Shipping and handling costs are as indicated below. This page may be photocopied and used as an order blank.
One item $5.00
each additional item  $2.00
Merchandise total  $_____
Shipping and handling $_____
Total Enclosed   $_____

Mail to:
Historical Society of Long Beach
P.O. Box 1869, Long Beach, CA 90801

Make checks payable to: the HSLB
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